Brass Sheet

Brass sheet is a versatile metallic material widely used in various industries. It is composed of a combination of copper and zinc, offering a unique blend of properties. Brass sheets are known for their excellent corrosion resistance, high malleability, and durability. They can be easily formed into intricate shapes, making them ideal for applications such as architectural decoration, electrical components, musical instruments, and jewelry. The attractive golden hue of brass adds an aesthetic appeal to any project. Brass sheets can be easily fabricated, welded, and polished, offering flexibility in design and finishing options. Their conductivity and antimicrobial properties further enhance their suitability for plumbing and medical equipment.

Dimensions (mm) Thickness Width / Diameter Length
Products Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max.
Sheets 0.1 16 15 1350 50 3000
Coils 0.05 3.5 6 406
Circles 0.2 6 40 1250
Composition (Cu/Zn %) 60/40, 63/37, 65/35, 67/33, 70/30, 80/20, 85/15, 90/10, 95/05
Temper Annealed (Soft), Quarter Hard (HA), Half Hard (HB), Hard (HD), Extra Hard (HE), Spring Hard (HS)
Hardness Range 60 – 220 VPN

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