Equal Angle Bar Carbon Steel Angle Iron

Steel Angle Bar is a versatile structural component commonly used in construction and engineering projects. It features a right-angle shape with equal or unequal sides. Made of high-quality steel, it offers excellent strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. This versatile bar can be easily fabricated, welded, and machined to suit various applications. It provides structural support and stability, making it ideal for framing, bracing, and reinforcing structures. Steel Angle Bar finds extensive use in the construction of buildings, bridges, machinery, and equipment. It is available in different sizes, thicknesses, and lengths to cater to specific project requirements.

Classification of angle steel: It is usually divided according to the different specifications of both sides of the angle steel, which is divided into equal-sided angle steel and unequal-sided angle steel.

1. Equilateral angle steel, angle steel with the same length of two sides.

2. unequal angle steel, angle steel with different side lengths. The unequal-sided angle steel is also divided into unequal-sided equal-thickness angle steel and unequal-sided unequal-thickness angle steel according to the difference in the thickness of the two sides.

Features of angle steel:

1. The angular structure makes it have good supporting strength.

2. Under the same supporting strength, the angle steel is lighter in weight, consumes less material, and saves costs.

3. The construction is more flexible and takes up less space.

Product Name
Steel Angle
Technical Standard
Shape Types
Steel equal angle, Steel unequal angle, L shape anges
Q235B/Q355B/Q420B of GB standard;

S235JR/S355JR/S355JO/S355J2 of EN standard;

SS400/SS540 of JIS standard;

A36, A572 gr.50/60 of ASTM standard;

Gr. A, Gr. B, Gr. AH32, and AH36 of ABS, CCS, VL, LR, BV, KR, RINA and NK standards

Edge Width
Length 1-12m or as per the customer’s requirements.
Surface Treatment
Galvanized, Polishing, Painting or customized
Technique Cold Rolled, Hot Rolled
OEM is available, as per the customer’s requirements.
Bundle, Standard export packing, as per customer’s requirements.
Free sample available.

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